Non-Redeemable GIC

Earn more interest when you lock in your funds with this secure investment.

Product benefits

  • Gain peace of mind knowing no matter what happens in the market, your principal is secure and your interest is guaranteed
  • Boost your cash flow with interest income
  • Help meet your short and long-term investment goals
  • Choose a term and interest payout plan that meets your business needs

Is this Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) right for you?

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Right for you if you:

  • Prefer a low-risk investment with principal and interest rate guaranteed
  • Agree to not withdraw your funds for the length of the GIC term
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May not be right for you if you:

  • May need access to your investment prior to maturity
  • Are willing to give up a guaranteed rate of return and principal protection in exchange for the potential to earn more

Product details

Term options

30 days – 5 years

7 or 10 years

Up to 5 years
Interest payment options
  • Monthly
  • Semi-annually
  • Annually
  • At maturity
  • Annually: for terms over 1 year
  • At maturity: for terms less than 1 year
Minimum investment amount


$5,000 for monthly payouts


$100,000 for terms less than 30 days

WithdrawalFunds cannot be withdrawn until the term endsFunds cannot be withdrawn until the term ends

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