Adapt to seasonal cash flow

We understand that your farm or agri-business needs financing you can count on to be there when you need it. We've created an innovative lending program that allows you to customize the credit you use from among a variety of types in addition to providing traditional forms of financing.

  • Immediate need and long-term solutions

  • Maximum flexibility puts you in control

  • ScotiaFlex for agriculture gives you dependable access to multiple credit products under one global credit limit.


    • Apply once to establish your global limit
    • Choose multiple products from among a wide range

    Operating lines act as a cushion to fill gaps in cash flow.


    • Payment flexibility tied to seasonal cash flow
    • Competitive rates
    • Revolving credit ready when you need it

    Term loans provide quick access to cash so you can buy assets such as breeding stock or equipment or make building repairs.


    • Competitive fixed or floating interest rates
    • Government guaranteed loans
    • Easy application process

    Buy more farmland, make improvements or transfer ownership to someone else with our mortgage loans.


    • Payment flexibility tied to seasonal cash flow
    • Fixed or floating interest rates
    • Prepayment privileges
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