The Scotiabank Women Initiative


On September 29, 2021, The Scotiabank Women Initiative sponsored MamaCon, the premiere event hosted by Mamas&Co. Through its tight-knit community of entrepreneur moms, the organization gives these business women access to weekly coaching, business training and networking opportunities. The event was hosted at The Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Listen to this podcast where Lianne Kim, Business Coach and Strategist talks with Ivonne Marynovych, Scotiabank Small Business Development Manager, as they highlight what an entrepreneur needs to know about managing their finances with their bank. Topics include:

  • How to keep your business banking organized and streamlined
  • Tips on what to look for in a business banking account
  • Common banking mistakes made by small business owners
  • Managing debt to help grow your business
  • Banking options for businesses working globally
  • Connecting and accessing resources and skills to grow your business

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