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VISA Business Card Program

Benefit from streamlined administration with online reporting and cash back to help control expenses. A charge card solution for small to mid-sized companies.
Special offer: Cash Back Rewards1  and Savings

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Remote Deposit Service

Conveniently cash cheques, reconcile your deposits with advanced reporting and more. You can use the banks software or your chosen accounting/ERP software and a compatible cheque scanner.

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Merchant Services

Enjoy innovative and efficient point-of-sale and Internet commerce solutions.
Special offer: Switch to Chase Merchant Services and they'll help you lower your overall payment processing costs

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Stay completely connected to your money with online business banking, wire, and Electronic Funds Transfer payments

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Electronic Funds Transfer Services

Streamline your collections and disbursements within Canada or the US.
Special offer: Initiate Electronic Funds Transfers online

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Balance Management

Save time, get overdraft protection and eliminate the need to pre-transfer funds.

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Cash Concentration

Combine deposits in Canadian or U.S. funds from field offices, customers or authorized agents, through any domestic Scotiabank branch.

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Government Tax Payment & Filing

Pay and file your Federal and Provincial business taxes online, anytime.

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Lawyers Rapid Trust

Take advantage of a convenient and cost-efficient payment method of transferring time-sensitive funds to trust accounts.

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