A new way to verify your identity online

Photo ID verification is a secure way to help verify your identity when you’re opening an account on your mobile device.

What is photo ID verification?

Photo ID verification is a secure way for you to prove who you are by taking a photo of your government-issued ID and of yourself. When you open an account using your mobile device and choose to verify your identity using your photo ID, the application process is quick, simple, and secure.

How does it work?

1.    Choose Photo ID verification
When you’re applying for a new Scotiabank account, you’ll be asked to verify your identity. You can choose to enter your info manually or use photo ID verification.

2.    Take a photo of your Canadian ID
For now, we only accept valid Canadian driver’s licences and Provincial Photo ID cards (excludes Quebec health insurance card), but we’re working on adding more types. You’ll be asked to take a photo of the front and back of your ID.

3.    Take a photo of yourself
You’ll be asked to take a photo of yourself. We’ll use the photo you take and match it to the one from your ID to confirm your identity and keep your account secure.

4.    Continue with your application
That’s it! Once we’ve verified your ID, you can continue with your application.*

Who can use it?

ID types
Mobile web
Desktop web
Canadian driver’s licence
Coming soon
Canadian Provincial Photo ID card (excludes Quebec health insurance card)
              Coming soon

We’re working to accept more types of ID in the future.

Mobile operating systems
Supported mobile web browsers
Apple iOS
Android OS
Chrome | Samsung Internet Browser

Please update to the latest version of your mobile web browser before using photo ID verification. We’re working to support more browsers in the future.

Open an account on your mobile device

Your privacy is important to us.

  • Scotiabank will only use your photos to verify your identity
  • Scotiabank and its service provider do not store your photos
  • Scotiabank and its service provider do not share your photos with anyone

Learn more about our Digital Identity Verification Terms.

Our Privacy Agreement explains why we collect and use your personal information and how your information is shared, retained, and protected.

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