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Asset Based Lending

Offers flexible and cost effective credit facilities leveraging the value of your assets

Get the most of your assets and make your business vision a reality with asset based financing

Asset Based Lending allows you to maximize the financing available from your assets to support your strategic business goals. It offers sizeable credit availability and flexible financial solutions for your business linked to your asset values.

Asset Based Lending could be best suited for your business, if you are:

  • Seeking to improve or grow your working capital
  • Striving towards business expansion and growth
  • Seeking funding for mergers and acquisitions
  • Pursuing optimal financial solutions for restructuring or recapitalizations
  • Looking to support seasonal financing needs

Helps you structure flexible financial solutions to achieve your vision:

  • Suitable for needs of $10 million and up
  • Offers greater credit availability by leveraging receivables, inventory, equipment, real estate and intangibles
  • Provides cost effective solutions with a reduced interest rate spread
  • Offers committed facility (up to 5 year term) instead of a demand loan
  • Offers greater financial covenant flexibility
  • Allows potential for same day access to liquidity

For specific questions relating to Asset Based Lending, please contact

Nick Bassi

Director, Business Development


Email: Nick.bassi@scotiabank.com 

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