Term Loans

Provides access to long-term capital needs for your business

Make your vision a reality with long term financing for your business  

Term loans provide access to capital for your evolving businesss needs1. Term loans are structured with longer repayment terms to enable your business growth and expansion plans. It offers you peace of mind knowing your business has the right financial foundation to grow and succeed.

A Term Loan is best suited for your business, if you are:

  • Expanding your existing building facility or acquiring a new one
  • Purchasing equipment to expand product offering and/or improve throughput
  • Acquiring a new business or product line
  • Planning shareholder and/or partner buyout
  • Refinancing existing debt

Term loans can enhance the value of your business by:

  • Providing access to working capital against your fixed assets to help grow your business
  • Offering a choice between fixed or variable annual interest rates to help manage your cash flow
  • Setting up your business for long term success and helping your business achieve its full potential

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