During the 45-minute event, our panelists discussed how to assist women-led businesses to help them expand their digital footprint and to reach their customers more effectively. Topics included:

  1. Digital payment options and solutions for business owners;
  2. E-commerce and online presence;
  3. Driving sales using technology, while increasing the competitive advantage;
  4. Connecting with customers to support them as they adapt to the Next Normal.
On the panel:
  • Sloane Muldoon - Host and Senior Vice President of Retail Performance at Scotiabank and Chair of The Scotiabank Women Initiative
  • Kesi Olaf - Moderator and Director & Head of Enterprise Digital Growth at Scotiabank
  • Nicole German - Global Head & Vice President of Digital Marketing, Sales & Growth at Scotiabank
  • Agnes Lan - Director, Business Development at Change Connect
  • Jose Martins - Business Development Manager at HubSpot

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