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Our dedicated team spans across the country, providing a network of program experts who can provide tailored financing solutions.

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Are you a women-led or women-owned business? Join The Scotiabank Women Initiative to help move your business in the right direction.

Our program provides exclusive access to:

Capital - We are committed to equal access to our full suite of financing solutions and to ensuring that our lending practices are free of bias. Our experts can propose tailored financing solutions, including working capital and inventory financing, funding for capital projects, expansions, mergers and acquisitions and much more.

Mentorship - The Advisory Board is composed of Scotiabank executives, who provide expertise to help women grow their businesses through facilitated small group mentorship sessions.

Education - The program provides access to a series of half-day Un-Mentorship Boot Camps™ and regional mini-boot camps that “un-teach” traditionally-held ideas about how to succeed. These sessions allow women to explore challenges and share the insights from our sponsored research.

There is no cost to join. You simply have to be a Scotiabank business customer. Find a program expert now to get the conversation started.

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