Small Business

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Learn what fuels growth and adds true value when building a service-based and a product-based business.

Sahar Saidi, Founder and CEO of Lus Brands, discusses the importance of choosing a strong team and the impact it has on your initial growth. Sahar dives into how she’s scaled her product-based business to where it is now and what her funding journey looked like.

We dive into the behind-the-scenes look at a multi-million-dollar construction company with Lara Murphy, Co-founder of Ryan Murphy Construction. We hear the challenges that Lara and her Co-Founder, Karen, go through to grow their business in a male-dominated industry.

Meet the guests

Sahar Saidi, Founder and CEO of LUS Brands

Sahar Saidi is the Founder & CEO of LUS Brands, which stands for “Love Ur Self.” Like most people with curly hair, Sahar grew up hating her hair and doing everything she could to “tame her mane” or make it straight so she could fit in, feel beautiful and professional.  

Frustrated with the negative messaging surrounding curly hair (from the media, big brands and even some smaller indie brands) coupled with the lack of a simple product line on the market that actually worked, Sahar set out to SIMPLIFY curly hair care.  

The company has grown close to 3000% in 4 years and was recently highly ranked in “Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020” list by Maclean’s and Canadian Business Magazine. Sahar is also the recipient of the RBC Women of Influence award in the Startup category, and recently honoured in Canada’s Top 40 Under 40

Lara Murphy, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development

Lara Murphy is the Cofounder and Director of Business Development and Strategy of Calgary’s Ryan Murphy Construction (RMC) where she has managed numerous multimillion-dollar projects in corporate, commercial, healthcare and residential construction. Ryan Murphy Construction is the only female-owned commercial construction firm in the city. Working with businesses, like the Calgary Telus Convention Center, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, Sheraton, and Telus Spark, RMC has been recognized nationally as one of the country’s fastest growing companies and featured in publications, such as Canadian Business, the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s magazine, and Alberta Venture Business in Calgary. Outside of work, Lara loves giving back to her community, including being the Calgary YWCA’s board chair and a board member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.