Client stories

The path to parenthood is different for everyone. For women undergoing fertility treatment, it can be an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with excitement, fear, grief and hope. As Medical Director and co-owner of Markham Fertility Center (MFC), Dr. Meivys Garcia knows all about this journey, and how important the right care and support can be for people walking this path.

That’s why, when she had the opportunity to purchase MFC with two other female physicians in 2021, she couldn’t pass it up.

“When our clinic went up for sale, there were private equity firms who were interested in buying it,” she says. “But I believe that the care of women should be in the hands of doctors—even better, female doctors.”

It’s a belief that she’s held for as long as she’s been a doctor. After graduating from medical school in 2004, Dr. Garcia completed a five-year residency in gynecology, which was then followed by a two-year fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. When she started working at MFC in 2011, she knew right away that she had found a place that shared her belief.

“At MFC, we believe that every patient is the hero of their story, and we treat them as such,” she adds. “We cheer for them and support them in their goals. This is woven into the fiber of our being.”

But in order to keep that belief alive, there were a lot of obstacles that needed to be overcome. The biggest one was financial. They needed a loan, but Scotiabank was able to give them so much more than just that.

“We went to many different banks, but Scotiabank went above and beyond for us: helping us understand the terms, giving us the best rates, and completely supporting our vision as much as we do.”

From there, Dr. Garcia and her co-owners built a great relationship with their advisor, who introduced her to The Scotiabank Women Initiative and provided them with personalized care throughout the entire process of the sale. 

“Our advisor was answering emails all hours of the day,” she continues. “There was never a delay.”

It was a relationship that continued to grow, even after the sale was finalized. Not only did he help them set up their accounts and credit cards at the clinic, he even attended MFC’s Christmas party.

“That’s how close we are with him,” she laughs. “That’s how much we feel that he and Scotiabank have been a part of our success.”

Today, MFC is one of the only female-owned clinics in Canada, but that’s something Dr. Garcia hopes will change with the support of partners like Scotiabank.

When asked why a program like The Scotiabank Women Initiative was so important, Dr. Garcia’s response was “Female business owners have unique challenges that are very different,” she says. “I think the fact that the Bank has an initiative that focuses on connection, education and capital specifically for women, is perfect, because those are the three things that business owners, especially female business owners, struggle with.”

When asked what the future looks like for her and MFC, she adds, “I see more of what I have today. I see MFC continuing to lead the way in fertility care. I also see a clinic that is an example of what is possible and sets the standard for patients everywhere.”

Does she see herself running more clinics?

“I see myself running a marathon first,” she says with a smile.