An exclusive community for newcomer and immigrant entrepreneurs and professionals

It’s Hard Out There

It's hard out there. Being an entrepreneur or professional is hard. Being a newcomer and immigrant makes it even harder.

We built PORCH to level the playing field and give you a greater chance at success. PORCH increases your chance of success by providing a curated, engaging and safe place to build relationships, learn, and help each other grow. Come for the events and learning. Stay for the people.

24/7 Discussions, Support & Advice

Ask questions, share advice, learn from a community of peers, and help others and give back

Endless Events (Virtual & In-Person)

Weekly virtual events with opportunities to speak with high-profile guests and learn from industry experts. Along with various in-person events and meetups, including the PORCH Potluck, Dinners, Coaching & Coffee, and fun social gatherings (picnics, sports, and more)

Network, Connections, and New Relationships

Build relationships and grow your network with those that are going through the same challenges you are or have even walked the path before

Helping Newcomer and Immigrant Entrepreneurs & Professionals Succeed in Canada