Charities & Community Groups

Supporting organizations responding to the needs of Canadians

Bank Accounts

Right Size Account for business

Manage funds easily with this flexible, budget-friendly solution.

Select Account for business 

Simple. Predictable. Skip the monthly fee.

Basic Business Account

A simple way to manage your Canadian and US Dollar funds.

Savings & GICs

Right Size Savings for business

Earn interest on surplus funds with this simple, flexible investment account.

Dual Rate Investment Account

Operate your business and save surplus funds – all with a single account.

Cashable GIC

A safe, secure investment that you can cash out anytime.

Redeemable GIC

Earn interest with the flexibility to redeem before maturity (at a reduced rate).1

Non-Redeemable GIC

Earn more interest when you lock in your funds with this secure investment

Payments and Merchant Services

 Accepting credit and debit card payments with Chase

Merchant Services for small business

Interac e-Transfer

Need to send or receive money from friends and family?

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