Fraud Prevention

SVBC Resource Centre

While it's not always possible to prevent all credit card frauds from happening, there are some things we can all do to make it more difficult for fraud to occur.

  • Sign your card on the signature panel as soon as you receive it; activate your new card then destroy and securely dispose of your old card.
  • Protect your cards as if they were cash - never let them out of your sight.
  • Don't leave your VISA Business Card in your car's glove compartment. An alarmingly high proportion of all credit card thefts are from car glove compartments.
  • Never write down your PIN - memorize it. And, never disclose your PIN to anyone. No one from a financial institution, the police, or a merchant should ask for your PIN. You are the only person who needs to know it. When selecting a PIN, always avoid the obvious your name, telephone number, date of birth, or any simple combination thereof.
  • Make sure that nobody can see you entering your PIN - use your free hand to shield the ATM keyboard or PIN pad.
  • Ensure that you get your card back after every purchase.
  • Always check sales vouchers for the correct purchase amount before you sign them, and keep copies of your vouchers and ATM receipts. Then, always check your billing statement and verify the amounts of your purchases.
  • Don't volunteer any personal information when you use your VISA Business Card, other than by displaying personal ID as requested by a merchant. Do not give your account number over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately by calling 1-888-823-9657.

Check our PDF listing for the documents and forms you need to manage your card program.