Best Practices

SVBC Resource Centre

The following best practices are designed for you, the Program Coordinator of your company's VISA Business Card program. These simple steps can help your company take full advantage of the VISA Business Card's many features and benefits.

Always Think Security

To help minimize the possibility of fraud, please remind all cardholders to:

  • Sign their cards upon receipt and never write down nor disclose their PIN.
  • View spending activity online regularly, not just at month-end (the web reporting feature makes it easy).
  • Check all sales receipts before signing and keep receipts to verify transactions against statements.
  • Protect the card as if it were cash - never let it out of sight.

You have insurance coverage for fraud and misuse of the card up to $100,000 per card. Review the waiver of liability and additional insurances applicable to ensure you understand the terms and conditions that apply.

Monitor Spending Limits

Please remind cardholders to monitor their spending as they will not be permitted to exceed the credit limit on their card.

  • Individual cardholder limits can be changed online at CentreSuite. Only you can make changes to cardholder limits.
  • Please speak to your Scotiabank representative if you would like to request a change to your company credit limit.
Report Disputes Quickly
  • Any time a discrepancy appears on a statement, the cardholder should attempt to resolve the issue with the merchant. If they are unable to resolve the issue, the cardholder should notify you and the Scotiabank VISA Business Card Service Centre (1-888-823-9657) within 10 days of the cycle end date.
  • Cardholders must be encouraged to reconcile at each billing cycle date in order to allow sufficient time to follow up with the merchant.
Canceling Cards

Cards can be cancelled at CentreSuite at any time for any reason. Online cancellation is real-time, and cancelled cards should be returned to you.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards

When a card has been lost or stolen, the cardholder should notify both the Scotiabank VISA Business Card Service Centre (1-888-823-9657) and you immediately. Any transactions that are identified as possibly fraudulent must be disputed through our Scotiabank VISA Business Card Service Centre (1-888-823-9657).

Communicate the Card Activation Process

Cardholders must activate their new Scotiabank VISA Business Card prior to using it for the first time. In order to activate their card, they must have their card number and the significant date they provided to you for their card account set-up. Cards can only be activated by calling our Scotiabank VISA Business Card Service Centre at 1-888-823-9657 and using a touch-tone phone to follow the prompts. If a cardholder is experiencing any difficulty with this process, they should press zero for assistance.

Ensure Every Cardholder Knows Your Company's Card Usage Policy
  • All cardholders should receive a copy of your company's policy, requirements and limitations for using the card.
  • Scotiabank will not be responsible for charges related to transactions that are not authorized by your company.
Keep Card Usage Top of Mind
  • Please distribute your company's Scotiabank VISA Business Cards to each cardholder. It is also advisable to have each cardholder sign your company's cardholder agreement regarding policies, procedures and usage.
  • Ensure that each cardholder understands their spending limit, activation procedures, and who to contact in case of emergencies.
  • We suggest that you promote ongoing and consistent use of the card through your internal communication channels, and where possible, mandate the use of the Scotiabank VISA Business Card for all items that can be purchased with a charge card.
  • Regularly track card usage by relevant area, and reinforce the benefits of usage.
Develop a Process for Making Changes
  • Ensure cardholders know that you are the contact person in your company for all changes related to their card.
  • Develop an internal 'request for changes' form, as well as a process for communication back and forth about the card.

Check our PDF listing for the documents and forms you need to manage your card program.