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Learn more about ScotiaConnect®


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Getting started with ScotiaConnect

Welcome to ScotiaConnect
Get to know the features and benefits of ScotiaConnect for your online business banking


Take a tour (video)

Compare ScotiaConnect and ScotiaOnline

Introduction to standard services (PDF)

In order to use ScotiaConnect you must first register to setup your login information


How to register (PDF)

Bill Payments
Save your payment companies online to quickly and easily create bill payments

Paying bills (PDF)
Paying bills (guided tutorial)

Stop Payments
Stop any non-stale issued cheques still in circulation


Stopping cheques (PDF)
Stopping cheques (guided tutorial)

Account Transfers
Transfer funds between your CAD and USD accounts


Transfering between your accounts (PDF)
Transfering between your accounts (guided tutorial)

Alerts will tell you when important events occur in ScotiaConnect


Managing alerts (PDF)
Managing alerts (guided tutorial)

Fraud Prevention
Knowledge is the key to keeping your company safe. Learn how to spot and avoid online fraud


Fraud resource page

Converting to a digital token
If you wish to switch from a Physical token to a Digital token for your ScotiaConnect login follow the steps outlined in these materials

Digital token conversion (PDF)
Digital token conversion (guided tutorial)

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