Getting Started with ScotiaConnect®

All the resources you’ll need as a new user to set up and start managing your business banking



Follow this checklist to complete your registration

New User Registration

Find out how to register and set up your login information.

Learn how to register  (PDF)

Registering your physical token (video)

Registering your digital token (video)

Registration Emails

In addition to your ScotiaConnect registration email, you may also receive registration emails related to your other business banking services.

Read  about our different registration emails


Access Privileges

What you have access to in ScotiaConnect depends on what kind of user you are.

  Super Users All other users
Everyday tasks
  • Creating payments
  • Submitting payments
  • Viewing reports
(within assigned entitlements)
Administrative tasks
  • Creating or deleting users
  • Resetting passwords
  • Providing access/entitlements
(only with administration entitlement)
Manage company and account details Yes No
Learn about user types and access levels


Start with the Basics

Secret Word

When you first sign in to ScotiaConnect, you’ll be asked to create a secret word, which is used  when you call  for technical support.

Learn more about your secret word

Learn how to find your secret word

Introduction to ScotiaConnect

Don’t know how to find your way around ScotiaConnect? Get to know the basic features.

Learn more about navigating ScotiaConnect with a guided demo

Check this list of common tasks for an  overview of each one


Learn how to create payments in ScotiaConnect.

Get an overview of the payment flow

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Need help?

ScotiaConnect Help Centre

Find the answers you need with the ScotiaConnect Help Centre, located in the footer of every page on ScotiaConnect.

Help Centre overview


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about ScotiaConnect.

Check out some common FAQs

Technical Helpdesk 

1-800-265-5613 (Toll-free)
1-800-463-7777 (Français)

Operating Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.


Call tree option breakdown


Familiarize yourself with terms and acronyms you'll encounter in ScotiaConnect.

Download Glossary