Visa Business Card Program

Right for you if: 

  • You want cash back rewards and savings

  • You want to simplify your expense management

    Monitor spending, reconcile transactions and control costs.

    With the Scotiabank Visa Business Card, available in Canadian or US currencies, everything you need to control your business expenses is available in a convenient web-based program. 

    Comprehensive online reporting, the added benefit of cash back rewards+, and bottom line cost savings makes the Scotiabank Visa Business Card the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Visa Business Card

    Real-time management reporting capabilities enable your program's success to be continuously and effectively managed.

    Cash Back, Control and Savings. 1:26 min 
    Now, that's teamwork.



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    Customize your card program

    Select the appropriate combination of gold and silver cards.

    The annual fee for Scotiabank Visa Business Cards is based on the type of card and the currency you select to suit your cardholder and business needs:

    • Silver Card An economical option for more modest spending limits
      $75 CAD 
      $75 USD
    • Gold Card Prestige and recognition 
      $105 CAD 
      $105 USD
    At a glance reporting 24/7

    Web-based reporting allows you to check and reconcile expenses securely online, anytime.

    Toll-Free support

    Receive a Best Practices guide and have access to toll-free support for your program and individual cardholders.

    Additional Information

    Many services are available to you just for being a Scotiabank customer.

    • Cash Back Rewards1 and Savings with our Canadian dollar program, your business will receive cash back annually at a rate of up to 1% per card based on spending levels. The cash is deposited directly into your Scotiabank business deposit account, annually in October. The maximum cash back is $25,000 per year, at the program level.
    • Simplified Expense Management reduce expenses, consolidate your business spending and streamline administration. You'll have fewer cheques to write, convenient direct debit monthly payments and the ability to reconcile your card expenses online. It also reduces your Business Account transactions by consolidating payments, which can reduce your service charges.

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