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Additional Services

File Delivery
File Delivery is used to upload and download files to Scotiabank

View our file delivery PDF

File Delivery Webinar
This webinar will show you how to upload and download files using File Delivery

View our File Delivery webinar (video)

ScotiaConnect Mobile
This mobile app allows you to perform certain functions directly on your mobile devices

ScotiaConnect Mobile reference guide (PDF)

Wholesale and Retail Lockbox
Review your lockbox deposits quickly and easily using the online portal

View all our Lockbox resources

Electronic Cheque Services
Electronic Cheque Services allow you to reconcile your issued cheques and secure your company against cheque fraud

View all our ECS resources

Remote Deposit 
Remote Deposit is a digital cheque deposit service that enables companies to deposit cheques using a scanner without the need to visit a branch

Remote deposit reference guide (PDF)

Scotia Visa Business Card
The SVBC service allows you to oversee all your company's commercial credit cards using the centresuite web portal

Centresuite Reference Guide (PDF)

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