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Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution

Deliver customized financing solutions for your unique business needs

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Offering tailored financing solutions by bringing the entire Bank to our clients 

We understand the complexities and evolving needs of your industry from managing supply chains, to procuring raw materials, paying vendors and suppliers, managing foreign exchange risks, managing distribution channels and much more.

We look to offer ourselves as trusted advisors and partners in helping your business grow by:

  • Working together as a team with you and all our banking partners to provide strategic advice and customized financing solutions for your business
  • Performing a deep dive analysis to fully understand your needs
  • Getting to know your customers & suppliers along with negotiated payment terms, so we can offer tailored solutions
  • Involving our external partners (such as EDC) as needed in order to deliver a competitive solution

We invest in businesses with strong and passionate management teams and proactively recommend financing solutions to transform raw materials to finished goods, help wholesalers and distributors manage their cash flows, balance foreign exchange risk, manage capital investments and plan for future growth and expansion.

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