Indirect Agriculture Financing : Yield More Financing™

Convenient, easy-to-access financing program in partnership with your farm supply dealer 

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Indirect Agriculture Financing : Yield More Financing

Your farm supply dealer and Scotiabank have teamed up to help make your life easier. Scotiabank's Yield More FinancingTM program is a convenient, easy to access, revolving credit line available right at your farm supply dealer. We provide an end-to-end solution designed to support producer requirements for the purchase of crop inputs through the growth cycle, harvest, and final sale of the crop. Our solution works in tandem with crop input dealers to provide an off balance sheet “white label” financing solution to form an effective end-to-end solution.


  • Revolving Line of Credit that can be used for any crop inputs on participating dealer’s invoice
  • Fall Purchase Program – enables customer with available credit to finance their crop inputs beginning September 1
  • Payments can be made online, via telephone, ABM, mail or at any Financial Institution, mail or at Scotiabank branch or other Financial Institution
  • Monthly statements
  • Access to dedicated team of Yield More Financing (YMF) Specialists recognized for their strong product knowledge and excellent customer service
  • A year-round line of credit that revolves with the cash flow of your business
  • Competitive, prime-based1 interest rates
  • Due dates that allow for ample time to market your crop after harvest
  • Up to $50,000 unsecured2
  • Easily apply by telephone, online or with your farm supply dealer
  • Credit can be used for crop inputs on the dealers purchase invoice
  • Repayment dates as long as 18 months
  • Payments are not required during the growing season

How it works

  • It’s simple.
  • Upon arrival, your line of credit can be accessed directly with your farm supply dealer for any item on the dealers invoice

For more details and to sign-up for Yield More Financing

Call: 1-866-603-4188



For retailers interested in learning more about offering input financing or joining the Yield More Financing Program, please contact

Eleni Ladacakos

Senior Client Relationship Manager, Yield More Financing


Phone: 204-934-2661


Dalit Segal

Relationship Manager, Yield More Financing


Phone: 431-668-5313

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