Remote Deposit Capture: Download Cheque Scanner Driver 

Getting Started

You need to download a scanner driver before you can start using your certified cheque scanner.

  1. Locate the model number for your cheque scanner.
         Note: If you have not ordered your cheque scanner; please visit the CashTech Currency website to choose the model that best fits your needs.
  2. From the ‘Install Driver Filter’ below, choose the browser you will use to deposit your cheques.
  3. From the ‘Install Driver Filter’ below, choose the operating system of the device that you will be installing the scanner driver on.
  4. From the ‘Install Driver Filter’ below, choose the corresponding manufacturer of the scanner you currently have.
  5. A list of cheque scanners will appear, choose your Scanner Model and click on ‘Download Driver’ to install the respective scanner driver.
          Note: If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you are required to download the ‘Google/Firefox patch for Scanner.’
  6. Follow file download instructions to install files to your hard drive.

Please see the Scotiabank Remote Deposit Scanner Setup Guide for step by step instructions. 

Install Driver Filter

Choose options that are applicable to you.

Note for Google Chrome users: To download a driver in the options below, please right click on the “Download Driver” and select “Open link in new tab” to successfully open it.

You are now ready to enjoy the convenience of RDC and use your scanner to start depositing your cheques. 


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