Cashable GIC 

A safe, secure investment that you can cash out anytime

Is this Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) right for you?

Right for you if you

  • Prefer a low-risk investment with principal and interest rate guaranteed
  • Want to be able to access your funds after 30 days without penalty

May not be right for you if you

  • Unlikely to need access to your funds for the term of the GIC  
  • Are willing to give up a guaranteed rate of return and principal protection in exchange for the potential to earn more

Gain peace of mind knowing your principal is secure and your rate is guaranteed

Earn1 a competitive interest rate

Helps you meet your short-term investment goals

Provides you with the flexibility to withdraw funds at any time after 30 days2

Get a competitive rate and the flexibility to suit your business needs

Receive a guaranteed rate of return

Increase your cashflow with interest income

Withdraw funds anytime for any reason2

Tailor the solution to meet your investment needs




1 year

Interest payment options

When you withdraw funds2

Every month2

At maturity

Minimum investment amount


$5,000 for monthly interest payments


Any time during your term2,3

The Investment Companion Booklet and Terms & Conditions includes important information about our products, services, and fees. For GIC rates and term options click here (posted rates are applicable to both Small Business and Commercial). For customized solutions, please contact your Relationship Manager.