Fraud Prevention

Knowledge is the key to keeping your company safe. Learn how to spot and avoid online fraud.

Use best practices when sending payments

Quick Guides

Preventing cheque fraud

Learn how to prevent cheque fraud. | pdf : 349 KB

Six simple ways to help keep your business cyber safe

Knowledge is key to keeping your company safe. | pdf : 68 KB

Preventing fraud

Discover tips to avoid fraud. | pdf : 186 KB

Staying safe from Business Email Compromise

Watch out for these real-life scams and signs of fraud. | pdf : 156 KB

Guard against fraud with Electronic Cheque Services

Guard against fraud with Electronic Cheque Services and the Digital Token. | pdf : 155 KB

Interac e-Transfer for Business Fraud Guide

Interac e-Transfer for Business can help protect your business from fraud. | pdf : 234 KB

Preventing card fraud

Learn how to recognize the different types of card fraud. | pdf : 129 KB

Reporting fraud

Discover tips to report and recover from fraud. | pdf : 100 KB

Interactive Courses

Fraud prevention

This module will teach you how to avoid fraud with exercises that test your knowledge. 

Cheque fraud

In this module, we will learn about cheque fraud including the methods fraudsters use and the ways you can protect yourself.

Business Email Compromise

This course will teach you about the most common scams and how to avoid them

Phishing and malware

This course outlines how Phishing and Malware work and best practices to safeguard against them

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Simple solutions to help prevent fraud

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Stay safe from scams

Every day, companies fall victim to sophisticated scams, these tips can help your business stay safe