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Simple solutions to help prevent fraud

Safeguarding your business from scammers is crucial – and these solutions can assist. They’ll help prevent cheque fraud, block unauthorized account access and protect your company’s confidential banking information.

Guard against fraud with Electronic Cheque Services

With over 1 billion cheques processed in Canada annually, fraudsters have plenty of opportunities to try and commit cheque fraud. This suite of solutions can help your business stay safe.

Paid Cheque Reporting

View and download a variety reports. For example, you could find out what cheques were paid, stopped or voided. Plus, view cheque images to compare the ones that were issued with the ones that were paid.

Positive Pay

Get all the features of Paid Cheque Reporting plus automatic fraud detection. This solution compares the following features of your issued cheques to the original cheques:

• Issue date

• Serial number

• Amount

• Transit number and bank identifier

• Account number

 If there’s a discrepancy, you’ll get notified. Then you can decide if the cheque is legitimate and whether or not to pay it.

Positive Pay with Payee match

Enjoy the security of our most robust cheque fraud prevention solution. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Positive Pay, plus you’ll be informed if the payee’s name and /or address have been altered.

Sign in securely with the Digital Token The free Digital Token app adds an extra layer of protection, so you can safely login to your account.

• Your phone’s built-in lock screen can only be unlocked by you.

• You always have your phone on you, which helps prevent unauthorized access.

• Available for iPhone or Android smartphones.®

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