Bulk Interac e-Transfer

Right for you if:

  • Your business needs a more convenient payment solution

  • Your business no longer wants to process and mail cheques

  • Scotiabank and Interac Association/Acxsys Corporation (“Interac”) are offering Bulk Interac e-Transfer* for business. This service allows you to send electronic payments directly to recipients within Canada. After uploading a bulk payment file to the Interac network, the recipient will receive an e-mail notification. Once they answer the Security Question, they will be able to deposit funds directly into their CAD account at any financial institution in Canada.

    Bulk Interac* e-Transfer 

    We’re the first Canadian bank to provide this service to our business banking customers.

    watch video, Bulk Interac* e-Transfer 
    Bulk Interac e-Transfer improves your day-to-day operations in several ways, including:
  • Less processing time: Greatly reduces payment processing time from weeks to hours.

  • Detailed reporting: To help monitor and track transactions.

  • Reduced costs: No need to issue and track costly cheques.

  • Security: No bank account information is needed. Each payment is password-protected and only the recipient’s email address is required.

  • It's the easy way to pay.

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