Bulk Interac   e-Transfer

A convenient way to send multiple electronic payments in minutes, anywhere in Canada1.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Faster payments: Transfer multiple payments quickly and securely, with no cut-off times for submission.
    Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Maximizes Productivity: Consolidate multiple payments into one bulk payment file;
    without the need to obtain payee sensitive banking information.

  • Cost Effective: Eliminates the need to issue, track, and reconcile costly cheques.

  • Supporting Benefits

  • Secure payments: Password-protected transfers with zero account information required.

  • Enhances transaction management and monitoring with customizable, detailed reporting functionality.

  • Perfect for payroll of temporary staff, emergency relief, charitable disbursements, rebates and incentive programs.

  • Product Details

    Simplify your payment process.

    Scotiabank’s Bulk Interac e-Transfer† service is an electronic payment solution designed to simplify low-value, one-time or infrequent payments within Canada, without the need for your recipient’s bank account information. 

    • This service allows businesses to send CAD payments to multiple recipients via email or text message.
    • After uploading a bulk payment file to Scotiabank, recipients will receive a notification and will be able to deposit funds directly into their CAD account at any financial institution in Canada.1
    • Complete up to 10,000 payments in one single file, and up to $10,000-dollar value per transaction.
    • Transfers automatically expire after 30 days but can be changed to anywhere between 1-90 days.
    • Funds can only be sent within Canada in Canadian dollars. 


    Here’s how it works. It’s simple.

    • You upload a file with the required information.
    • Scotiabank debits your account and forwards the file to Interac.
    • Interac sends an email or text notification to your recipients. If your recipient has Autodeposit, funds will automatically be deposited, or they will need to answer a security question and deposit their funds. That’s it!

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