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EFT Payments

EFT Traces and Recalls
EFT Recalls let you cancel a payment prior to settlement and Traces investigate issues with receipt of payment


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Payment Field Breakdown
Details of all the mandatory fields required when creating an EFT payment

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Managing Templates
Templates are used to save all the required payment information for repeat use

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Creating Payments from templates
How to use templates to create payments quickly and easily

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Approving and Submitting Payments
The final portion of the payment flow how to take the payments you've created and approve (if required) and submit them

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Payment Statuses
A breakdown of the various payment statuses you may see in Scotiaconnect

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Managing Recipients
An alternative to Templates, Recipients save just the details of the person or company receiving your payment instructions

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Remittance Advices
How to attach remittance details to your payments

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Cut off times
Recommended lead times for your payments

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Online Payment Control
How to approve and submit your payments loaded into ScotiaConnect via a file

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Payment Reports
The reports available when your payment file is received

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