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Printing on more than 5.5 million cans each month to help save the environment is possible and  that is the mission of Hart Print. Stephanie Hart and Jean-Pierre Paradis, two of the three co-founders of this Quebec-based start-up company, have developed a new technology that allows digital printing on a can. Thanks to their idea, your drinks will never look so good!

Founded in 2019 out of a desire to effect change in the industry, Hart Print is the first organization to adopt a technology that removes all plastic from aluminum cans to make them 100% recyclable. Unique in North America, their technology allows them to print in any colour and with no minimum order, making their services most attractive to the smaller players in the industry.

Investing to innovate

Not afraid to push boundaries and dream big, the three co-founders jumped into the adventure with both feet. It’s their desire to innovate and inspire that motivates the team to expand and overcome challenges. Since the creation of Hart Print, their agility and ability to adapt to changing conditions have enabled the company to experience impressive growth.

The three co-founders agree on one thing: it is the support they receive that allows them to be so flexible. Thanks to trusted partners, the Quebec-based company can think big. The co-founders include Scotiabank among its partners, a financial institution that they have been able to rely on from the beginning. They have found a partner who listens to their needs and is ready to help them realize their projects, large or small.

"We've watched the company grow and witnessed its ambition every day. It's fascinating to see the co-founders seize opportunities to stand out. First and foremost, they believe in their product and pass on their passion through a business philosophy that is strongly focused on innovation. This attitude will allow them to go where they never even imagined," said José Ponce, Senior Client Relationship Manager, Scotiabank.

A business vision that goes a long way

Since launching its operations in 2019, Hart Print’s growth has been meteoric. Increasing from 6 to 55 employees last year, they will likely be over 75 by the end of 2022. The team’s growth is also linked to a steadily increasing production capacity. In August, Hart Print will install a new digital printer in the United States. By the end of the year, two more will also be installed. Their production capacity will then increase from 60 million cans per year to more than 150 million.

"At a time when the environment must be prioritized, we believe that our unique North American technology is an ideal solution to reduce the environmental footprint of cans. The market response is such that we have to think bigger. After the United States, why not Europe?" said Stephanie Hart, co-founder and co-managing director.

The challenge for the co-founders is now to manage the rapid growth of their company, as well as the transfer of knowledge. With the support of their partners, Hart Print plans to turn its Montreal offices into a centre of excellence which will pool all the knowledge acquired. The team is certainly determined to make our city the digital can printing capital of North America.

"Our company has been able to show boldness and creativity. I believe this is what sets us apart and what has allowed us to be successful. We want to continue in this way, hence the importance of being surrounded by trusted partners such as Scotiabank, which can support us in our efforts,” said Jean-Pierre Paradis, co-founder and co-managing director.

Hart Print has been partnering with Scotiabank since 2019. Thanks to its flexibility, the financial institution has allowed the company to stand out with other key partners. The entrepreneurial story behind this business success is inspiring, not only because of the environmental values and the desire to make a difference that gave birth to it, but also because of the business vision behind it.  

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