International Money Transfer (IMT) for Business

A simple, convenient way to send money to recipients around the globe using ScotiaConnect® Digital Banking

Safely send up to $50,000 from your CAD account to 20 destinations worldwide1

Send USD, INR, EUR and other major currencies from your CAD account

Receive competitive foreign exchange rates in real time

Pay an invoice from your international vendors and transfer payments to overseas contractors in local currencies

Quick, convenient, and low-cost option to transfer funds and manage your business abroad

No processing fees or deductions for most destinations, so your recipient receives the full payment amount (subject to certain exceptions2).

Recipient receives the funds directly in their bank account in as little as 1-3 business days3

Your payment information is protected with full end-to-end authentication

How to send an International Money Transfer

Log in to ScotiaConnect Digital Banking and follow these steps:

Step 1

Create a recipient profile and assign IMT as payment type

Step 2

Complete the Create Payment flow

Step 3

Review and accept quoted FX rate

Frequently asked questions 

ScotiaOnLine does not offer IMT for business customers. IMTs on ScotiaConnect have a higher transaction limit of $50,000, as well as no weekly or daily limits.