Dual Rate Investment Account

Save between $50,000 - $20 million1 CAD, and you’ll earn interest on the entire balance while simplifying your day-to-day banking

Combine the high interest earning potential of an investment account with the flexibility of an everyday operating account

Earn two kinds of interest2 a premium rate for the investment balance3, and a  competitive rate on the fluctuating balance4

Withdraw funds at anytime with no restrictions

Ideal if you have a stable3 investment balance every month

Manage your account and your costs with ease

Write cheques, make payments and deposit funds anytime

Pay only for the services you use5. If you don’t do any transactions, you don’t pay any fees

No monthly maintenance fee in a month when you keep at least $8,000 in the account for that month

View account details and interest rate tiers



Minimum balance


Maximum account balance


Monthly Fee


No monthly fee with a balance of $8,000 or more

Stable Balance*

Interest Rates4 (effective July 1, 2023)

$1,000,000 - $20,000,000


$50,000 - $999,999


Fluctuating Balance4


The stable portion of your balance that is defined as the lowest end of day balance over the current Investment Period. The rate is applied to the entire Investment Balance within the highest applicable tier. 

If your balance exceeds $20,000,000 we’ll help you choose an investment that’s better suited for your business.

The rates reflected in this table may change. Please click here to see the latest interest rates for this account.

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