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Welcome to the Scotia Digital Community, where your feedback and ideas shape how we design, build, and even reinvent the digital banking experience.

The Scotia Digital Community is a hub for our customers to participate in research, share feedback and have their voices heard.

We’re on a mission to make things all people will love.

That’s where you come in. Let’s co-create the future of banking together.

As a community member, you are:

A valued voice

We want to hear your ideas and feedback on new digital products and features. You’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts through surveys and other online activities. From ideation, concept testing, through to development, we want you to be a part of the process.

First in line

Priority access to digital banking betas, tools, and features before anyone else. If you’re interested in being a beta-tester, you’ll get to try out new features before they get released to our customers across the country. You’ll put our digital banking applications to the test, providing us with valuable feedback, which will make the final version better for all users. 

An insider

You’ll be in the know with the latest Scotia news. We’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop on new feature launches and we’ll share digital banking resources that we think you’ll find helpful.

On our VIP list

Receive invitations to participate in online user testing sessions with our research team for new products and tools we’re building.  When we’re ready for testing, we will open it up to community and reach out based on the info you’ve shared with us in your community profile, to see if you’d like to participate. We’ll ask you for input and feedback throughout the design process to ensure we’re on the right track.

Join the Scotia Digital Community!  

Our goal is to design inclusive products that are reflective of a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our community members play an important role in helping to build digital banking experiences for people across Canada. Join them today! 

What we heard from you

Thank you to our members who joined the Scotia Smart Money by Advice+ beta in May and June 2022. Your valuable feedback contributed to the successful launch of this new set of money management features in the Scotia mobile app.

Lots of gratitude to members who completed the Help Centre and Contact us surveys, and to everyone who participated in follow-up interviews. Your feedback helped us better understand how customers think about:

  • The way users look for bank information and their preferences on our Help Centre and other help sites
  • The Contact us options in our digital channels and how intuitive and aligned they are to your needs

Through these research initiatives, you told us:

Help Centre (Dec. 2021):

  • Scotia Help Centre is the preferred channel for customers who want to better understand a banking topic
  • Top reasons for visits to the Help Centre include looking for specific information and troubleshooting a digital banking task
  • When visiting the Help Centre, locating information by category and Contact us have been identified as most helpful among the options
  • Information on bank accounts, security, and digital banking are categorized as important when visiting a help centre site

Contact us (July 2022):

  • For quick answers to common banking questions, 54% of participants would select the Go to FAQs option, 21% would choose Chat with us, and 13% would select Search
  • You prefer to contact an advisor when looking for guidance on finances and recommendations for banking products
  • For first access to new bank tools and features, you prefer to visit the online community
  • The call us option is preferred when disputing a transaction, reporting tech issues, reporting lost or stolen cards or requesting new ones, confirming fraudulent transactions, or to figure out card issues while travelling

We’ve also added a new Help Centre link to the Digital Community page, for quicker answers to your questions.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to share your feedback! If you’re not already a member, Join the Digital Community today.

Scotia Digital Community FAQs

At Scotiabank, one of our goals is to co-create digital products and experiences that promote the financial wellbeing of all our customers. The Scotia Digital Community is a hub for our customers to share feedback, participate in research, and have their voices heard.

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