Switch to Scotiabank Program

Right for you if:

  • You want a hassle-free way to transfer your mortgage to Scotiabank
  • Switching is easy Once you provide us with your mortgage details, the Switch to Scotiabank Program takes care of the rest! We'll even cover your transfer or discharge fee!
  • Own a home, not a mortgage Scotiabank provides tools that can help you become mortgage-free faster and easier.
  • Streamline your financial products Simplify your finances first by switching your mortgage to Scotiabank, and then by easily moving your daily banking accounts with the Simple Switch Program
  • Take advantage of the Scotia Total Equity® Plan Unique to Scotiabank, the Scotia Total Equity® Plan can help you achieve your goals by making your home work for you. Mix and match products for a total of 80% of your home's value without having to requalify.
    • Mortgages: Borrow up to 80% of the value of your home and manage your interest rate risk by splitting your mortgage into 2 or 3 different types of mortgages and terms.
    • Other Products: Borrow up to a total of 65% of the value of your home and choose lines of credit or other secured Scotiabank borrowing products†† that best suit your needs.
  • Scotia Mortgage Protection can help make sure the home you worked so hard for is protected.
Tools It's easy to achieve your goals.

Mortgage-Free Faster Calculator

Discover how small changes can have a big effect. This tool will show you how you can be mortgage-free faster.

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What Can I Afford?

Find out how much, so you can arrange your mortgage and shop for a home with confidence.

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Mortgage Payment Calculator

Determine your payment options, amortization and more, all with one calculator.

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STEP Calculator

Learn how to save by using the equity in your home to borrow at lower interest rates.

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Mortgage Selector

Opening the door to homeownership.

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Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Use this calculator to compare two different mortgages and determine which feature or product is the most suitable to meet your needs.

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