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What Happens After You've Reported Your Card Lost or Stolen?

After you've contacted the Scotiabank Card Service Centre or one of the toll-free numbers at Visa Global Customer Assistance Service, the lost or stolen card number is blocked, and all transactions and cardholder information is immediately transferred to a new card number. A new login ID will also be automatically generated to access the newly created account under the new card number on CentreSuite or Pathway.

If the original card was part of a corporate billing statement, it is changed to an individual bill, which ensures that transactions posted after the card is blocked are kept on the old card. The client does not pay for the transactions charged to this card until the cardholder reconciles the account. This process protects the client from paying for potentially fraudulent transactions.

The cardholder will then receive two statements at the next billing cycle - one for the old card and one for the new card. The cardholder is responsible for reviewing the transactions on both the old card and new card statement, and must call the Scotiabank Card Service Centre to have all valid transactions on the old card transferred to the new card.

Disputing fraudulent transactions

Transactions that are identified as possibly fraudulent must be disputed via our Scotiabank Card Service Centre. This reconciliation process will clear the old card statement completely. If the cardholder does not reconcile the old card, it will be flagged as past due. In order to correct this, the transactions will have to be transferred to the new card number for reconciliation and payment. Learn more about the dispute resolution process.

Visa allows a transaction to be disputed up to 60 days after the posting date of the transaction. After 60 days, there is no recourse allowed with the merchant. It is therefore extremely important for the cardholder to reconcile in a timely manner.

We have found it a best practice for cardholders with a lost or stolen card to contact the Scotiabank Card Service Centre immediately. They should then notify their Program Administrator. As well when a cardholder disputes a charge, they should send a copy of the dispute form to the Program Administrator and our Help Desk. This will assist the Program Administrator when they are reconciling the corporate statement at the end of the billing cycle.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact your Scotiabank Program Manager or email us at

Report a lost or stolen Commercial Card

Please call the Scotiabank Card Service Centre immediately.

Within Canada & USA

Outside Canada & USA,
call collect.

Visa Global Customer Assistance Toll-Free Numbers [PDF]

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