A Focus on Young People in the Community

At Scotiabank, investing in our communities has been a focus for over 180 years. Our goal has always been to help create a better life for people that we serve around the world and we believe investing in young people is the path to community prosperity.

Recognized as a leader for our charitable donations and philanthropic activities, in 2016, Scotiabank contributed more than $70 million to help our communities around the world.

Scotiabank aims to support organizations that are committed to helping young people in the community reach their full potential, particularly in the areas of health and wellbeing and education. We believe this is an investment in the long-term security, stability and growth of both our communities and our business. Young people are our future leaders and Scotiabank’s goal is to help provide them with the necessary skills and resources they need for success.

Scotiabank’s community investment strategy is used to help identify the organizations that Scotiabank can most effectively partner with to advance its philanthropic goal of supporting young people around the world.

Scotiabank’s investment in young people in the community focuses on two key areas, each with two pillars: