ScotiaLine® for business VISA* credit card

ScotiaGold Passport for Business VISA Card

$0 Monthly or annual fees

Plus free supplementary cards and personalized cheques


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  • Very competitive interest rate
    • Secured as low as Prime + 1
    • Unsecured from Prime + 2.49 to Prime + 5.49%1
  • No annual fee
  • Credit limit Up to $50,000 unsecured or $500,000 secured.
  • PLUS: A grace period of no less than 21 days 2 interest-free on new card purchases for your business.

Notice: Important Changes to Scotiabank Line of Credit Accounts
Effective as of August 1, 2016, some of our fees and terms will change.

At a Glance

Interest rate as low as Prime + 1 for secured.


Monthly or annual fees

Credit limit up to $500,000 for a secured line of credit.

Rates & Fees
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Secured Rate Scotiabank Prime Rate +1%1
  • Unsecured Rates Scotiabank Prime + 2.49 to Prime + 5.49%1

For current rates and information on fees and interest cost, call 1-888-882-8958.

Interest rates, annual fees and features are effective as of March 1, 2011 and are subject to change without notice. Learn more about VISA card fees and VISA card interest rates.

Key Benefits
  • Flexible repayment terms (pay the minimum balance or the full amount)
  • At least 21 days interest-free grace period² on new card purchases
  • Convenient access by credit card or cheque
  • Purchase security protects your purchases for up to 90 days, with extended warranties of an extra year on most purchases3
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • interest rates as low as Scotiabank Prime + 1% for secured or Prime + 2.49% to Prime + 5.49% for unsecured¹
  • credit limit up to $50,000 unsecured or $500,000 for a secured line of credit
  • Personalised VISA cards with both your personal and business name
  • Free supplementary cards and personalized cheques
Special Discounts

VISA SavingsEdge®1

Turn business purchases into business savings with Visa SavingsEdge. It's free to join. Just enrol your eligible Scotiabank Visa Business card at Then make qualifying purchases with your enrolled card at participating merchants. Savings will appear as credits on your future account statements.

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