VISA payWaveTM

Right for you if:

  • You hate searching for change at the cash register
  • You want to make small, everyday purchases in a whole new way
  • Fast & Simple Simply wave your card over the card reader and go! Ideal for those quick stops at grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, coffee shops, and more.
  • Convenient Now, instead of looking for change to pay for your morning coffee or afternoon snack, just wave to pay. No swiping, signing, or entering your PIN for most purchases at participating merchants.*
  • Secure Your card is protected by chip technology, one of the most secure payment solutions available. And as always, you're protected against unauthorized card usage by Visa's Zero Liability Policy^.


Visa's Zero Liability Policy also protects Scotiabank VISA cards with Visa payWave against unauthorized card usage.

Wave, Pay & Go technology

Just look for this symbol at the checkout in participating stores, wave your card over the card reader and go!

No swiping, signing, or entering your PIN for most purchases at participating merchants.*

How It Works
Simply wave your card and go.

Visa payWave is accepted at these and other merchants across Canada

Visa payWave Merchant logos

  1. How does Visa payWave work and what are the limits? In addition to a chip and magnetic stripe for traditional transaction processing, a Scotiabank VISA card with Visa payWave includes a small radio antenna. This innovative technology allows you to pay by simply "waving" or tapping your card over a secure card reader at participating merchants. No swiping or "dipping" necessary and no signature is required for purchases typically under $50 (including taxes). If your purchase is above the $50 limit, you will be asked to swipe or insert your card instead.

    For some Visa payWave purchases, such as those at gas stations, the maximum value may be higher and a signature or PIN is not required.
  2. Why would I want to use Visa payWave? With Visa payWave, you can experience the convenience of paying for everyday things like coffee, meals and movies without fumbling around for cash. And since most purchases won't require a signature or PIN, it's also the faster way to pay.
  3. Is Visa payWave secure? Yes, Scotiabank VISA cards with Visa payWave are protected with several layers of security and embedded with a chip, providing one of the most secure payment technologies available. Scotiabank VISA cards with Visa payWave can only be read by a secure terminal and never leaves your hand. And as always, your Scotiabank VISA card protects you against fraudulent transactions with Visa's Zero Liability Policy as set out in your Scotiabank VISA Credit Card Agreement.
  4. Where can I use Visa payWave? Retailers accepting Visa payWave are typically quick service restaurants, movie theatres, gas stations, grocery stores and coffee shops among others. Look for this symbol along with the Visa logo in participating stores at the checkout.
    The list of retailers accepting Visa payWave is constantly growing. Current retailers accepting Visa payWave include Cineplex Entertainment, Second Cup, Quiznos, McDonalds, Petro Canada and M&M Meats. View participating retail locations accepting Visa payWave near you at
  5. Which Scotiabank credit cards offer Visa payWave? The Visa payWave feature is currently available on the following Scotiabank VISA cards:
    • ScotiaGold Passport VISA
    • Scotia Momentum Infinite VISA
    • Scotia Momentum VISA
    • Scotia Momentum No-Fee VISA
    • ScotiaHockey VISA
    • L'earn VISA
    • No-Fee Scotia Gold VISA
    If you already have one of these products but don't have the Visa payWave feature, you can request a new card with the feature by calling us at 1 800-4SCOTIA. Otherwise you will receive a new card with Visa payWave upon your card's expiry.
  6. What happens if I wave my Visa payWave card at the reader more than once in error? There are safeguards to prevent multiple charges on VISA payWave transactions. The store clerk would need to complete the transaction twice at the terminal for the charge to go through twice. And since your Scotiabank VISA card with Visa payWave must be in very close proximity to a reader to complete the transaction, simply walking by a checkout will not cause your card to be charged. You can also always request a receipt if you would like one.
  7. How will Visa payWave purchases appear on my statement? Visa payWave transactions are authorized, processed and billed securely in the same way as all traditional Visa transactions. Your Visa payWave purchases will appear on your Visa statement as a regular line item.
  8. How can I get a Scotiabank VISA card with Visa payWave?
    If you are an existing Scotiabank VISA cardholder of ScotiaGold Passport VISA, Scotia Momentum VISA or SCENE VISA, you can call 1800-4SCOTIA (1 800 472-6842) and ask to replace your current card with a Visa payWave-enabled card.
  9. What should I do if my card becomes lost or stolen?
    If your card is lost or stolen, or if you suspect fraudulent activity on your card, call Scotiabank Credit Cards customer service immediately:
    Canada/USA: 1 800-387-6556
    Outside Canada/USA, call collect: 416-288-1460
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