Corporate Governance

We are committed to acting with integrity and upholding 
strong corporate governance practices

Corporate governance is embedded in everything we do. It allows us to act with integrity as we respond to the diverse and complex challenges, opportunities and interests facing our Bank.

Why it's important

Today’s customers increasingly expect businesses to act with the utmost integrity and transparency. Acting with integrity and upholding a strong reputation requires strong, strategic corporate governance practices.


An Inside Perspective with Julie Walsh

Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary and Chief Corporate Governance Officer

Can you please explain your role as Chief Corporate Governance Officer at Scotiabank, and what you do at the Bank?

In this role, I'm responsible for overseeing the creation and implementation of corporate governance policies, processes and practices across the Bank and our subsidiaries globally. I work to ensure that they align with the Bank’s corporate strategies and regulatory requirements, working with our board of directors and the chairman directly, our management team and subsidiary boards on all matters related to corporate governance.

Our priorities — Corporate Governance

To demonstrate our commitment to a better future, we invest our resources in CSR priorities where we believe we can make the most progress for both society and our Bank.

Our impact


Here's how we are making progress on our commitment to corporate governance.

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