We are committed to enabling an inclusive workplace 
in which employees are empowered and engaged

In order to create a better future for customers, society and our Bank, we rely on our team of over 88,000 talented employees around the world. Through our commitment to our employees, we strive to make every member of our team feel empowered, engaged and equipped to succeed.

Why it's important

Engaged workforces lead to more successful organizations, so the well-being of our employees is essential to accomplishing our Bank’s purpose. We work to create a diverse, inclusive and enriching workplace that enables all employees to reach their fullest potential.


An Inside Perspective with Mike Henry

Executive Vice President, Retail Payments, Deposits and Unsecured Lending Co-executive champion of HeForShe at Scotiabank

Can you explain what HeForShe is?

HeForShe is an initiative that started with United Nations Women that we’ve actively tried to bring the commitment here to the Bank. At its core, HeForShe tries to bring more men into the discussion around gender inclusion. Positions of power are still mostly held by men, so if men aren’t part of the solution and the discussion, how can we actually make progress?

Most recently we had a “Commit to Action Day” that we ran for employees around the world. This was an online forum that allowed individuals at all levels throughout Scotiabank to make their own personal commitments on how they can make us a more inclusive organization. 
We had thousands of comments and commitments and tons of engagement across the board.
It was incredibly powerful — and super cool to be part of.

In part, it comes from my responsibilities as a leader. Once you become aware of something that isn’t right, you have an obligation to try to fix it. From a more personal perspective, I’m also the father of three children —including two daughters . Plus I’m a brother to a sister and a husband to a wife and a son to a mother.

Favoriser la diversité et l’inclusion crée un environnement où tous les employés ont l’occasion de réaliser leur plein potentiel. Ces derniers sont donc plus efficaces et nos clients en bénéficient. Et, en bout de ligne, cela profite aussi aux actionnaires de la Banque, car l’entreprise est plus performante.

Our priorities — Employees

To demonstrate our commitment to a better future, we invest our resources in CSR priorities where we believe we can make the most progress for both society and our Bank.

Our impact


Here's how we are making progress on our commitment to employees.

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