We are committed to helping every
customer become better off

We believe that every customer has the right to become better off. Through our commitment to customers, we work to create a better future in which every customer can achieve success.

Why it's important

From individuals to small businesses to large corporations, our customers' success provides the foundation for our Bank. By providing relevant products and services, working to enhance financial knowledge and helping customers prepare for the future, we aim to increase our customers’ ability to become better off.


An Inside Perspective with Brad Roach

Senior Fintech Specialist in Enterprise Innovation at Digital Banking Scotiabank


Can you please explain your role in supporting our commitment to customers at Scotiabank?

I help identify opportunities where technology can be used to better serve our customers. Financial technology has completely changed customers’ views and expectations of what they want from their bank. So we want to make sure that we continue to meet our customers’ evolving needs. It’s about understanding our customer as much as possible and then utilizing that understanding to create products and experiences that work for them.

Our priorities — Customers

To demonstrate our commitment to a better future, we invest our resources in CSR priorities where we believe we can make the most progress for both society and our Bank.

Our impact



Here's how we are making progress on our commitment to customers.



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