Scotiabank Completes the Acquisition of ING DIRECT Canada

Scotiabank is excited to announce it has completed its acquisition of ING DIRECT Canada from Netherlands-based parent ING Group, having received all required approvals. 

"ING DIRECT has proven success in meeting the needs of those Canadians who choose other banking options to best meet their needs. We recognize that success and are committed to keeping this unique platform," said Rick Waugh, President and CEO of Scotiabank.

ING DIRECT Canada will continue to operate separately and customers will have the same great experience online, on their mobile devices, through the award-winning contact centres, and at the cafes, with the same account numbers and passwords.

What change does this mean for ING DIRECT customers?

There will be no change for ING DIRECT customers.  Customers will continue to interact with ING DIRECT the way they do now. We are committed to preserving what ING DIRECT Canada’s customers have come to love about it. 

What does this mean for Scotiabank customers?

There is no change for our Scotiabank customers. Scotiabank remains committed to helping our customers get ahead financially with the excellent service and advice that they are accustomed to receiving.

Can ING DIRECT customers access their accounts through Scotiabank’s ABM network without additional fees?

Not initially.  The two organizations will remain separate and distinct although ABM access is something we will explore over time.

Will it still be called “ING DIRECT”?

There will be no change to the name or branding for a number of months.  As ING DIRECT is associated with the former parent company there will be a need to eventually alter the name and branding.  The new name and branding will preserve the essence of ING DIRECT and all that it stands for.

What are Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) implications?

CDIC coverages will stay the same. Customers will still have maximum limit protection as they would with two separate financial institutions.

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"Scotiabank is committed to preserving everything that ING DIRECT Canada's customers have come to love about it"

- Anatol von Hahn, Group Head of Canadian Banking at Scotiabank

"With Scotiabank's backing and commitment to maintaining what has made ING DIRECT special, I have great optimism for the future for our fantastic employees and our loyal customers”

- Peter Aceto, President and CEO of ING DIRECT Canada

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  • 1-866-464-3473 (French)
  • Scotiabank Customers:
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  • 1-800-575-2424 (French)
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