ScotiaConnect ® Electronic Banking

Right for you if:

  • You want immediate access to your global cash position
  • You want to manage your money securely, from anywhere

ScotiaConnect electronic banking provides a centralized view of your banking information.

Features & benefits include:

  • View, download and print comprehensive reports
  • Download balance, transaction and payment details to your financial systems
  • Reconcile accounts faster with detailed reports and summaries of cleared and outstanding items


  • With 24/7 access, you can send and receive payments and collections domestically and around the world.
Watch the 'ScotiaConnect' video ScotiaConnect Electronic Banking 6:31 min
See, Move and Manage your money securely. Watch video

Manage your money safely and efficiently:

  • Transfer funds between Scotiabank accounts, make payments and pay bills online.
  • Send secure wire payments to most major financial institutions around the world
  • Initiate recurring Canadian and US dollar EFT payments (payables and receivables)
  • Create templates with a pre-approved dollar limit
  • View cleared cheque images online for up to 90 days
  • Transmit files for payments and cash management services
  • Link to other business banking services, including Trade Finance, Scotia FX and Government Tax Payments

Make adjustments that make sense for your business:

  • Decide on an appropriate level of control for your business
  • Separate payment creation and approval functions
  • Monitor user activity with audit log and activity history
  • Choose from four ScotiaConnect Plans, including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Benefit from industry-leading security and protection of information

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