Interac e-Transfer

Right for you if:

  • You need a quick and secure way of sending or receiving money electronically
  • You want to move money to or from any Canadian bank account
Send Money


  • Send money to children at university
  • Pay back money owed to friends
  • Pay the sitter, tutor, dog walker
  • All your recipient needs is a $CDN account at a Canadian financial institution and an email address
  • There is a daily transfer limit of $3,000. Weekly transfer limit is $10,000. Monthly transfer limit is $15,000
  • Watch our how-to video and learn how you can transfer funds from just about anywhere, or follow the steps below
    • Sign on to Scotia OnLine and select the "Interac e-Transfer" from the Banking tab
    • Enter the recipient's email address, and create a security question
    • Enter the transfer amount, and select an account
    • Recipient will receive an email with a link to their online banking page— from there they sign-in, answer the security question, and deposit funds directly into their account*

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When you send an Interac*** e-Transfer, the email is used only for notification purposes, it doesn't actually carry the money. The money is transferred using the established inter-bank fund clearing networks Canadians have trusted for years.

What's more, in order to receive an Interac*** e-Transfer you have sent, the other person must sign on to their online banking service*, and provide the correct answer to the Security Question that you create specifically for them. Two more layers of security to give you peace of mind. Also, you don't need to know the other person's bank account numbers, and they never see yours!

  • The following fees apply when using the Interac e-Transfer service:
    Send an Interac e-Transfer $1.00
    Receive an Interac e-Transfer No Fee
    Stop an Interac e-Transfer within 24 hours of sending No Fee
    Stop an Interac e-Transfer 24 hours after sending $5.00
  1. How do I stop or cancel an Interac*** e-Transfer?
    You can stop an Interac*** e-Transfer only if the recipient has not yet accepted the funds. There is no fee to stop an Interac e-Transfer within 24 hours of sending; after 24 hours there is a $5.00 stop-payment fee.

    To stop an Interac*** e-Transfer:
    1. Sign on to Scotia OnLine.
    2. Go to Transfers>Interac e-Transfer
    3. Click the "Show pending Interac e-Transfers" button located below the "Continue" button.
    4. Click the red "X" in the Stop Transfer column beside the transfer you wish to stop.
    5. Choose an account in which to deposit the reclaimed funds.
    6. Click "Continue."
    7. Review your information and click "Confirm" to stop the transfer.
  2. Are Interac*** e-Transfers time-sensitive?
    Yes. Interac*** e-Transfers expire 30 days after they are sent. After 30 days, the recipient will not be able to deposit the funds. Also, the sender will receive an email instructing them to deposit the funds back into their account.
  3. What happens if the recipient doesn't answer the security question correctly?
    The sender will receive an email notifying them that the recipient failed to answer the security question correctly. The email will also contain instructions for reclaiming and depositing the funds.
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