The Scotiabank Women Initiative

The Scotiabank Women Initiative and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) have collaborated to produce a 13-part podcast series called The Go-To: For Entrepreneurs in the Know. With the goal of educating women entrepreneurs across Canada, each 20-minute episode features two successful business owners and focuses on one fundamental topic. All podcasts impart tangible business advice on subjects like fundraising, branding, finances, mentorship, and more! Most importantly, you’ll get educated on how to navigate through the road blocks that could be getting in the way of your success. 

Designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind, these aren’t your ordinary podcasts; each episode is packed with focused conversation between the host and guests. Listen in as FWE interviews a select set of inspiring CEOs, founders and partners who share their entrepreneurial journeys and suggestions to help you elevate your business. Their stories focus on real life experiences and step-by-step solutions to the challenges that every business faces, not just yours. You’ll be left with real takeaways, advice, and trade secrets that you can use today. 

The Go-To is also available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Google Play. Subscribe now and tell us what you think by leaving a review! Or you can listen now by clicking a link below!

The Go-To: Episode 1

Fundraising Secrets with Taran Ghatrora and Traci Costa

  • Taran dives deep into the process of raising capital
  • Learn how Blume raised $3.3 million in one month
  • Traci explains the different ways she accessed capital
  • Hear Traci’s thought process around why she made Peekaboo Beans public


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The Go-To: Episode 2

The Business of Branding with Miriam Alden and Joanna Track

  • Miriam Alden shares how she launched a clothing line as a marketing campaign
  • Get a glimpse at how Brunette the Label and Brunette Showroom expanded through relationships
  • Joanna Track provides key online resources that all entrepreneurs can use to create a logo
  • Discover the considerations that are necessary when creating a brand
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The Go-To: Episode 3

Sparking Conversation: Giving Voice to Your Brand with Katie Dunsworth-Reiach and Priya Chopra

  • Katie Dunsworth-Reiach shares her secrets for a successful PR strategy
  • Discover the free resources available for all entrepreneurs looking to enhance their PR
  • Priya Chopra explains the 4 tips she gives her clients who are starting a social media strategy
  • Learn how data analysis can help you improve your social media presence
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The Go-To: Episode 4

More Sales: Its All About the Customer with Joanna Griffiths and Aneela Zaib

  • Joanna Griffiths shares how important it is as an entrepreneur to say “no”
  • Discover how Knixwear pivoted their sales model to an e-commerce platform all due to understanding their customers
  • Aneela Zaib share two key factors that allowed her service-based business to expand operations
  • Learn what three things a service-based business NEEDS to care about to thrive
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The Go-To: Episode 5

Social Enterprise: Leading with Values with Sonia Strobel and Natalie Voland

  • Sonia shares the story of how Skipper Otto came to fruition 
  • Learn what resources and programs impacted the growth trajectory of Skipper Otto
  • Natalie discusses how she brought her values from her previous role as a social worker to the real estate industry
  • Discover how Natalie built her credibility in a male-dominated industry
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The Go-To: Episode 6

Great Culture: Foundation for Success with Sara Hodson and Mandy Rennehan

  • Sara describes a how a fun exercise called “Mission to Mars” helped determine core values
  • Learn tips for hiring employees based on core values
  • Mandy explains how she ingrained fun into her company and amplified culture
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The Go-To: Episode 7

Get to Know Your Numbers and Sleep Easy with Brandi Wingrove and Carinne Chambers-Saini

  • Brandi shares her experiences working with entrepreneurs
  • Discover some tips on how you can use your financials to identify trends
  • Carinne explains how and when she made the decision to move from having her mom as a bookkeeper to hiring a CFO
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The Go-To: Episode 8

Smart Growth: Dream Team for Growth with Tara Bosch and Caterina Rizzi

  • Tara shares how she visualized growth from the beginning
  • Discover some of Tara’s key resources that she used during the early days of SmartSweets
  • Caterina explains that expansion is relative to the type of business your trying to build - it doesn’t look the same for everyone
  • Learn how the power of your network can impact your growth trajectory
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The Go-To: Episode 9

Be Clear, Be Ready: Opportunity is Knocking with Nicole Smith and Nicole Authier

  • ·Katie Dunsworth-Reiach shares her secrets for a successful PR strategy
  • Discover the free resources available for all entrepreneurs looking to enhance their PR
  • Priya Chopra explains the 4 tips she gives her clients who are starting a social media strategy
  • Learn how data analysis can help you improve your social media presence
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The Go-To: Episode 10

Professional Services: Building Your Network with Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick and Elizabeth Wong

  • Nanon shares how to deal with an advisor
  • Learn what tactics Nanon recommends for making the most impact on a future investor
  • Liz discusses what happened when she was left, unexpectedly, to make all the business decisions
  • Discover what to look for when making your decision on which professionals to work with
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The Go-To: Episode 11

Business Succession - It Starts from Day One with Victoria Sopik and Amelia Warren

  • Victoria Sopik shares how she has planned for her succession since the beginning
  • Discover how important knowing your culture is when it comes to leaving your legacy
  • Amelia Warren reveals how she felt about being thrown into a CEO role and the challenge of following in her mother’s footsteps
  • Learn how Amelia adjusted her way of thinking to truly own her role as CEO
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The Go-To: Episode 12

Entrepreneurial Mindset: It’s Not What You Think with Ami McKay and Charles Chang

  • Ami McKay how she overcame failure when every store that carried her furniture in North America went out of business
  • Discover how to approach entrepreneurship and what you must understand before you take the leap
  • Charles Chang shares how he thinks mindset is a superpower
  • Learn ways in which to change your mindset and how to integrate it into your company and leadership techniques
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The Go-To: Episode 13

Mentorship: We’re in This Together with Julia Dexter and Jill Earthy

  • Julia Rivard Dexter explains how mentorship was a core element of her business’ growth
  • Learn how to approach a mentorship relationship from the perspective of a mentee (Julia) and a mentor (Jill)
  • Jill Earthy shares how you can build a reciprocal relationship based on trust, zero judgement and respect
  • Understand the best ways to approach a mentor and value their time
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