The Scotiabank Women Initiative

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Yafa Sakkejha, CEO of Beneplan. shares how the first business she built provided foundational insights into how she could reverse engineer her career and entrepreneurial journey in order to support her life visions and goals. She also shares her best tips for how to succeed in the B2B world and her unique approach to building trust with business owners.

Next, we speak to Rachel Drew, Founder and CEO of Cadence Final Document Services & Farside Safety Services Inc. We hear from Rachel how her journey to build her two companies required stepping into discomforts and risks that each opportunity presented, and how embracing these led her to build rewarding businesses in a way that also aligned with her values. Rachel also shares her learnings on the importance of tapping into support networks and resources that enable the growth and success of women entrepreneurs.

Meet Our Guests

Yafa Sakkejha, CEO of Beneplan

Yafa Sakkejha is the CEO of Beneplan, Canada's provider of refundable health insurance plans. The business model is a co-operative where the clients own the dividends that are paid as a result of claims being less than premiums. She has over 25,000 hours in the benefits space and has been featured in the WSJ, CBC, Financial Post and all major benefits publications. She is a mom of an energetic little boy.

Rachel Drew, Founder and CEO of Cadence Final Document Services & Farside Safety Services Inc.

Rachel is an experienced entrepreneur and Juris Doctor Candidate at the University of Saskatchewan. Rachel founded her first business, Farside Safety Services Inc., in 2014 as a single parent with two kids under three.

Farside is an Occupational Health and Safety Management firm serving clients in various sectors. Rachel is still the sole owner of Farside but has built a strong team that has allowed her to step away to pursue her next business venture.

In 2020, Rachel founded her second business, Cadence Final Document Services. After Rachel’s mom died she discovered the administrative challenges people are faced with. This is all while grieving the loss of a loved one. Rachel became fixated on this problem and dedicated herself to solve it. Cadence is a software solution designed to simplify estate documentation. The software reduces administration time by 98% giving back time to grieve.   

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