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For many entrepreneurs, bootstrapping your business is the norm, but eventually, your company will need a boost. Learn about other resources that are available to help take your business from break-even to profitable. Cash is queen in this episode as we dive into the world of fundraising and financing with two entrepreneurs who’ve taken very different approaches to scaling their business. Covering debt financing, venture capital, and going public, Taran Ghatrora and Traci Costa share their fundraising secrets and crucial resources.

In this episode:

·Taran dives deep into the process of raising capital
·Learn how Blume raised $3.3 million in one month
·Traci explains the different ways she accessed capital
·Hear Traci’s thought process around why she made Peekaboo Beans public

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The Go-To: Episode 1

Fundraising Secrets with Taran Ghatrora and Traci Costa

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