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In times of stress and uncertainty, our brains often turn to what we know. So how can we develop a mindset and practices to become more resilient? In this episode of The Go-To, we set the stage for our 5-episode mini-series where we explore the concept of resilience – how to build it and how to maintain it.
A resilient mindset is about optimism, creativity, and positivity. It’s about considering options and shifting possibilities. We dive headfirst into the science of resilience with Judy Brooks, Entrepreneur, Executive Chair at SmartSweets, and FWE Chair. Then, we discover the traits and values that allowed Lili Fortin, President of Tristan, to pivot her 700-person clothing production business into a 7-person team that manufactures face shields, all within one week. 
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The Go-To: Special Edition Episode 1

The Resilient Mindset with Judy Brooks & Lili Fortin

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