The Scotiabank Women Initiative

Featuring: Dave Laing, Global Creative Director, Scotiabank

Today, people consume more content than ever before, so it’s become increasingly difficult to get them to remember your message. That’s why it’s important to create compelling visuals in your advertising that are on-brand, and interesting or entertaining.

With trust and security online becoming more present in people’s minds, you need to make sure your visuals feel professional, are created for each specific medium, and again, are on-brand to earn and gain trust from the viewer.

Telling one consistent story in your visuals will go a long way with the potential customer as you take them along your path to purchase. Keeping the visuals consistent really helps the person recall the brand and feel that they can trust the ad, they can trust the website they are redirected to from the ad, and of course, the company as a whole.

Keep your visuals, on brand, simple and consistent and you will be off to a great start!

Want some inspiration? Check out three educational courses from Facebook that provide best practices to help make visual ads work hard for your business. Topics include:

  • Thinking mobile first
  • Use visuals that stand out
  • Experiment with video

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