The Scotiabank Women Initiative

Featuring: Kate Yurincich, Director & Program Lead, The Scotiabank Women Initiative

Very early on in my career I realized the importance of networking as I was searching for my first job right out of post-graduate school. My first internship at another financial institution came from a coffee meeting I had as a result of reaching out to multiple professionals across different industries to get my foot in the door at any organization.

10 years later, I have not stopped networking.

I am naturally a curious person and ask lots of questions, so reaching out to those both inside and outside my organization to learn more about their roles, organizations and how we can better work together to support women entrepreneurs comes naturally. As women, we shouldn’t look at our peers and colleagues as competition – no matter the organization you are in, were all in this together and should support one another by building strong rapports and introducing each other to our networks.

With many of us working virtually or from home, it has been a huge adjustment. We don’t meet others at events, galas or conferences anymore. We need to set aside time to ensure we are keeping in touch with our network and adjust to warm or cold calling those to meet and virtually have coffee. At the same time, we have an opportunity to really challenge ourselves to be collaborative and curious in this new environment.

One of the most important aspects of connecting online is ensuring your profile on LinkedIn and other social media platforms is up to date, and the best reflection of you and your personal brand. Your profile will help you find those in your community and industry who you can build a rapport with, share best practices and even make other connections and introductions.

Need some recommendations? Thanks to LinkedIn, we have twenty! We’ll be working with LinkedIn and other tech collaborators over the coming months to share more recommendations on how we can all stay connected and continue to build strong relationships with peers, partners and customers during this time.

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