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We bring you competitive interest rates every day, and from time to time we also offer special promotional rates on a variety of products.

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  • Current Rates and Fees

    Find out more about our rates and fees for Scotiabank accounts, loans and credit cards.

  • Foreign Exchange

    Need to buy, sell, or transfer foreign currency? We're here to assist you.

  • New Deposit Product Suite Rates

    Our chequing and savings accounts offer you a range of services and ways to help you save your money.

  • Mutual Funds

    Our mutual funds provide you with the opportunity to invest in the global economy right from your Scotiabank branch.

  • Third Party Transfers to Other Banks (TPT OFF us)

    Customers will be able to:
    • Transfer funds from any Deposit account (chequing or saving) to any Deposit account (chequing, saving) in another Financial Institution in the country. Both accounts must be in local currency;
    • Add/Edit/Delete recipients of transfer using Scotia OnLine and Add recipients using Scotia Mobile banking ( or the Scotia Mobile App;
    • View the TPT OFF us transaction history in the Scotia OnLine "Account Activity" tab.
    • Free*
    * If the transaction is rejected by the recipient bank a $1.75 + VAT = $2.01 TTD "credit return" fee applies.