A formal legal document describing the details of a corporation; the prospectus includes company facts that are important to potential investors. For mutual funds, the prospectus describes the fund's objectives, history, manager background, and financial statements.

Scotia Caribbean Income Fund Prospectus May 2015 [PDF: 440 KB]

Addendum - Change of Directors [PDF: 57.3 KB]

Addendum to Scotiabank Mutual Funds Prospectus Effective July 29, 2011 [PDF: 1.48 MB]

Download the SBMF USD Funds Prospectus [PDF: 800 kb]

Download the Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago Mutual Funds Prospectus. Effective November 5, 2013 [PDF: 120 kb]

The files are in PDF format and you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.